Amend Therapy Stockport

In modern life, we all encounter issues that medication alone is unable to address.  When it comes to relationships, this is not a medical issue.  But it is damaging and debilitating none the less.
At Amend we offer an effective, professional, and confidential service that helps individuals, couples or families suffering from these problems.   With over twenty-five years’ experience in Counselling practice using various proven approaches to the issues faced by many of us from time to time, we aim to help lift the fog from your life.

  • Friendly and approachable Therapist
  • Tailored Therapy to suit you
  • Long and short term Therapy courses
  • Discreet and confidential service
  • Uncomplicated and concise Therapy
  • Therapy to empower you to strive past your problems

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I can’t recommend Lorraine highly enough. She absolutely ‘got us’ right from the start and has worked a miracle. I know that without her help we would not now be together and looking forward to our future together.
I am sure we could not have achieved this without your help and I would like to say thank you for that.
Dear Lorraine, we won’t waffle and “Thank you” for every little thing, but we do want to say a huge “Thank you” for being easy to talk to, understanding and patient, really listening and encouraging us and most of all...
Many thanks for the guidance and support you gave to us. You have equipped us with the tools required to build on our relationship which will enable us to be a better couple/family/friend. Thanks again.
Thanks for helping me through. You put the brightness in my life. God bless.

What we Offer?

  • Couple Counselling
  • Individual Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Online Counselling
  • Telephone Counselling
  • Supervision

Why have Counselling?

  • Relationship Issues
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Stress/Bereavement
  • Affairs and Betrayals
  • Confidence and Self Esteem issues